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professionally. stylish. responsibly

anex event is
of team experts who create innovative events with style and professionalism. We turn every project into a masterpiece of creativity. We help agents collaborate and grow by curating experiences that resonate in the dynamic world of business ideas. We don't just create events, we make business history.

maldives in Moscow workshop 24.11.2022


anex event —

details matter

  • own event-marketing department

  • more than 20 formats of events

  • we are not afraid of difficulties and solve complex tasks with ease

  • is there a new trend in the world? We'll be the first to know

  • high quality services and broadcast the company's values

  • a special approach to every event

  • we cooperate with the best contractors

  • we are opening up new horizons with events in Turkey, Egypt, and Russia

  • our superpowers 一 relevant ideas, energetic and responsible

anex franchising awards 10.12.2021 award ceremony

creating stories
years of experience, a keen sense of style, teamwork, and a passion for the business define us. # We organize events with enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail. # Our approach involves experimentation, development, and creation, leaving only unforgettable impressions. True to our principles, we remain open to new ideas.

presentation of cullinan belek hotel 08.06.2023 gala dinner


we conduct

exchange of experience

business event

  • business meal
  • business Breakfast
  • business Dinner
  • seminar
  • the conference
  • workshop
  • business Forum
  • training event
  • round table
  • business Game
exchange of experience

art event

  • field award ceremony
  • company anniversary
  • gala dinner
  • evening ball
  • karaoke evening
  • theme parties
  • master classes
building relationships with clients

open event

  • team building
  • award ceremony
  • sailing regatta
  • golf club event
  • yacht event
  • weekend brunch
  • weekend out of town
development of teamwork skills

10 years anexFTA awards ceremony

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